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Conditions are derived statistics which affect every players, positively or negatively.


Condition Cause Effect
Overdose Excessive usage of Chems 1d4 every turn (10 seconds) until the chems pass through the body or until consciousness
Unconscious HP inbetween -5 and 0 You can't do anything.
Well-Rested Slept in a comfortable bed you own +10% EXP boost /12 hrs
Winded Crippled Torso Cannot run (cannot move more than 5 squares per turn)

Crippled Limbs

Crippled Limb Status Effect

One crippled arm - Drop whatever weapon was being carried in that hand, Melee Damage x0.95

Two crippled arms - Can't carry anything, Melee Damage x0.90


One crippled leg - Impaired mobility, special movement is disabled

Two crippled legs - Unarmed moves are disabled, requires two AP to move a square

Torso Flinching, Critical Failure Chance x2, Winded
Head Concussion, Perception -4


Blindness, Perception becomes 1 regardless of race.
Crotch Ouch, Critical Damage taken is doubled
Weapon Weapon dropped, Weapon condition is lowered by 1 for every 10 points of damage
Antennae / Battle Inhibitor / Targeting Chip Frenzy, Will attack whoever is the closest target, friend or foe


Rads Message Healing Rate Current Hit Points Status Effects
1-149 Very nauseous
150 - 299 Slightly fatigued -1 STR
300 - 449 Vomiting does not stop -3 -1 STR, -1 AGL
450 - 599 Hair is falling out -5 -5 -2 STR, -1 END, -2 AGL
600 - 999 Skin is falling off -10 -15 -4 STR, -3 PER, -3 END, -3 CHR, -1 INT, -5 AGL
1000+ Intense Agony -10 -20 -6 STR, -5 PER, -5 END, -5 CHR, -3 INT, -6 AGL


Growth Rate is constant, regardless of a player's current condition. For example, if a player has a base Endurance of 8, or a Growth Rate of 8 per Hour, and they gain 200 in Hydration, which gives -1 to Endurance, the Growth Rate will still be 8 per Hour. Growth Rate has a minimum of 1. If a player would get to zero or below for a Growth Rate, they get a 1 Point per Hour Growth Rate instead. For example, if a player has an Endurance of 7, they'd have 1 Point per Hour in Fatigue.

Need 200 400 600 800 1000 Growth-Rate
H20 -1 END -1 PER, -2 END -2 PER, -1 INT, -2 END -2 PER, -3 END, -2 AGL, -1 INT DEATH 20 -END*2 /hour
FOOD -1 STR -2 STR, -1 CHR -3 STR, -1 PER, -2 CHR -3 STR, -2 PER, -2 CHR DEATH 16 - END*2 /hour
SLEEP -1 AGL -1 INT, -2 AGL -2 INT, -1 END, -3 AGL -2 INT, -2 END, -3 AGL DEATH

14 - END*2 /hour

(-20/hr of sleep)

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