If the players attempt to talk to Easy Pete, read: 

"The old man continues to sing his song by himself."

If the players attempt to talk to Easy Pete AND announce to the Game Master they are yelling at him, read:

"The old man snaps out of his trance. 'You say somethin'? I can't hear ya'!"

Investigation 35


"It appears as if the man can't hear you."


"There's nothing out of the ordinary."

Leaving the First Time

"Easy Pete reminds you of one last thing. Keep your gun handy if you go poking around some of the abandoned places around here, like the schoolhouse. Critters move in there sometimes."


Tell Me Abouts

Who are you?

The man snorts and spits some tobacco into a jug next to him, "Townfolk call me Easy Pete. Used to be a traveller like yourselves. Used to call be a prospector, searching for pre-War junk, shit to sell. Real good claim out east by the mountains. Now, I just take it easy and help out the brahmin and bighorners."

Brahmin / Bighorners

"Y'all never heard of brahmin and bighorners? Have y'all been living under a rock? They're the herd. They supply the town with meat and are used by caravaning companies to transport goods. We've been losing a lot of them to geckos and the nightstalkers. Doc Mitchell is trying to make an antidote for the poison."


"Don't get me wrong - the NCR's got a lot of nice, decent folk in it. Its just that they make you part of them whether you like it or not. Towns like Goodsprings won't stay independent for long, not if you've got something the NCR wants."


Ask to Burrow Dynaminte

"Too dangerous. Y'all blow yourselves up if I let you touch any of it. Better to leave it buried, safer that way."

Explosives 35

The players may attempt to give Easy Pete some of their knowledge on Explosives.


"Uh huh, guess you know what you're doing after all. It's buried up in the cemetery. Tombstone reads 'Arch Stanton'."


"Too dangerous, sorry. Blow yourselves up, blow your neighbor up, blow up the whole town."