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This is a list of equipment that does not belong anywhere else. Most of this list includes miscellaneous items, such as junk items, but each item contains some probable purpose, such as a piece of crafting material or a situational tool. Each of these items have a primary use, but they can be used in any way the player characters can think up, to some degree of realism.

Item Description Primary Use Value Weight
2043B Radio Dependable, rugged, and camouflaged radio communicator, manufactured by Wattz Electronics Intercepting and listening to radio transmissions 350 6
Abraxo Cleaner Pre-War cleaning agent produced by Abraxodyne Chemicals Crafting 5 1
Bobby Pin Hairpins used as mainly as makeshift lockpicks


Whenever you fail at lockpicking, remove a bobby pin from your inventory. If you are out, you cannot pick locks

1 0
Crutch Mobility aid used to counter impairment or an injury which limits one's walking ability

Countering the effects of being Physically Crippled


5 5
Deathclaw Hand Hand scavenged from Deathclaw corpses Crafting 50 10
Doctor's Bag Large, leather bags filled with tools specifically used by doctors

Used to heal one broken by 35%

Can only be used once

55 10
Duct Tape A silver roll of tape used before the war to seal ducts and fix just about anything



Can be used three tapes before it runs up

25 1
Lunchbox Box for holding food designed and promoted by Vault-Tec Crafting 5 5
Magnifying Glass Convex lenses used to produce a magnified image on an object



10 1
Mantis Foreleg Oversized forearms ripped from mutated mantises Crafting 1 1
Paint Gun Air-pressurized spray gun originally designed for spray painting


15 5
Pilot Light Glass bulb which uses a small gas flame to ignite a larger source of heat, such as an oven Crafting 15 1
Radscorpion Poison Gland Plump and smooth organ which produces toxic poison, ripped from the tail of a Radscorpion


25 2
Rope Strong, thick fibres, braided to improve strength Situational 25 10
Scrap Metal Variety of metalic materials Crafting 2 1
Sensor Module Selection of independent electronic circuits packaged onto a circuit board to provide basic functions for a computer Crafting 30 2
Surgical Tubing Medical device used to provide nutriets or other materials to patients who would not normally be able to obatin them Crafting 10 1
Toy Car Diecast metal race car, four rubber tires, and a generic driver in the cokpit - Made in China Crafting 10 5
Turpentine Flammable liquid distilled in a pine resin, used as a solvent


Water Canteen Canteen with vault coloring and a big 13 written on it Holding Water 5 1
Wonderglue Tube of cynaocrylate



10 1
Wrench Tool used to grip and mechanical leverage used to turn objects, usually rotary fasteners Repairing 2 1

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