Like many of the vaults, Vault 15 was part of Vault-Tec's grand social experiment. It was to stay closed for fifty years, was overcrowded, and contained occupants of extremely diverse ideologies and cultures. The situation caused by the experiment led to a great schism, during which four groups ultimately left the vault to brave the wastes during the spring of 2141. Three of these groups became roving gangs of raiders: the Jackals, the Vipers, and the Khans in the winter of the same year. The fourth group settled down a few miles west of the vault and founded the village of Shady Sands in the spring of 2142.


When the Player Characters first enter the surface area of Vault 15, read:

"You see a small shanty house, made of metal pallets, sittinig in the middle of an open space. Inside the building is an opened manhole."

For each player with Luck 3 or less, put a Radscorpion onto the battlefield. If you do, read:

"Radscorpions guard the shack."

If the Player Characters go down the manhole, read:

"You climb down the dark, creepy ladder and find yourself in a cave. The Vault 15 door has been ripped straight open. The lights aren't on. You see an elevator shaft in the middle of the entrance. A set of lockers, usually filled with emergency supplies, are lining the walls."

Vault 15 EntranceEdit

Item Passage Skill Check Event
Elevator Shaft

"The elevator is inoperable. The shaft is wide open, but to fall to the lower floors would likely be fatal."

Investigation 20 - "You notice a sturdy bar next to the elevator shaft."

Examine (Investigation)
Elevator Shaft (Use Rope) "You tie the bar with the rope and throw the other end to the bottom of the shaft. The rope is long enough to hit the bottom." Use Rope on the Elevator Shaft
Lights / Electricty "The electricity appears to be off."
Lockers Tell the Player Character who decides to check the locker what they obtained. Searching depends on Luck. The Player Character has a chance to get some flares, a med kit, or a stimpak.